Portable XRF (pXRF) sampling has gained in popularity in the last decade and is becoming standard equipment in mineral exploration and environmental geochemistry industries. Many papers exist on its proper use, but more often or not the machine is used as a point-and-click device. There may be nothing wrong with that, but we can optimise your programme to get the best out of it and ensure it is fit for purpose. RSC also has a fleet of pXRF rental instruments available for clients.

We can assist by making sure that the samples get properly prepared, analysed using the proper scheme at the adequate duration. We focus on making sure that accuracy and precision are controlled and that adequate check-sampling programmes are in place to warrant the quality. We can assist with implementing sampling programmes on soil (early exploration), drill core, underground or in the pit. Contact us to get assistance with the adequate public reporting of pXRF results.

If you have concerns regarding soil contamination, the pXRF is a suitable screening tool for determining the levels of key elements such as arsenic, lead, copper, cadmium in the soil and underlying bedrock. The pXRF can also detect a wide range of other elements, so contact RSC to discuss your requirements.

RSC can also provide one of its pXRF rental machines for use in the field, either as a stand-alone rental unit or with a trained and qualified operator. Contact us for a free demonstration of the power of the use of these machines in exploration projects.

Previous and current projects utilising the XRF include:
•    Multi-element geochemistry from soil samples on various gold projects in New Zealand, Mozambique, Mali, Ghana
•    Multi-element geochemistry from soil samples on various mineral sand projects, New Zealand
•    Soil testing of contaminated land, New Zealand
•    Geochemical logging of geothermal boreholes, Taupo, New Zealand
•    Rare earth exploration, Mozambique
•    Regional geochemical soil surveys, Rwanda
•    Multi-element geochemistry from gold grade control RC drilling chips, Philippines
•    Tin-tungsten exploration, Australia