At RSC, running drilling programmes of any kind is what we do best; it's our bread and butter. We've managed everything from remote scout drilling projects through to multi-rig resource delineation programmes, in the deep jungles on steep slopes, helicopter-supported, in arctic conditions, deserts, and of any type. We've managed drilling for small explorers as well as for the big miners such as Barrick.

We provide a team that includes senior geologists, logging geologists and geo-technicians to take care of all aspects of the programme. We manage the contractors such as the drillers and the laboratories, and make sure that core and/or chips get logged, sampled and modelled to perfection. We use our own standard operating procedures, which are based on international best practice.

Often, smaller companies may not have the technical staff in-house to carry out its intended drilling programmes. Our consultants have relevant experience with most commodities and mineralisation styles and have run these kinds of programmes everywhere in the world. Campaign-style, success-driven or otherwise, we can design any drilling programme to suit your requirements.

Larger companies may sometimes not have the relevant staff on the books to carry out a drilling programme if it is unexpected or if part of a new initiative that wasn’t planned at the start of the budget year. RSC can take all the hassle of management, overheads, OHS, IT, visas, equipment, sub-contractors away and implement a full exploration programme, with directives clearly set by the client.

For all our full project management work we pride ourselves on our communication of progress, results and expenditure. We provide daily one-page reports with up-to-date sampling or drilling and safety information, and weekly technical reports with sections and maps showing the progress and most important findings to date. We track budget versus expenditure on a weekly basis to make sure that as a client, you are always up to date.