Theory and Practice of Particulate Sampling and Engineering Approach


The text presents a complete explanation and derivation of the statistical theory of Sampling of particulate materials which is based on the single assumption of Poisson distributed particle numbers in mechanically correct samples.

For the first time, particulate sampling theory is taken beyond the work of P M Gy and the means of determining the full distribution of potential samples is presented with specific examples for the sampling of gold ores.

The work is entirely self-contained with extensive appendices.  Practical application of the results is supported by numerous examples including

  • sampling of minerals, grain, foodstuffs, and packaged commodities
  • environmental sampling
  • design of full mechanical sampling systems and sample preparation protocols for gold, coal and bauxite

This comprehensive text provides chapters dealing with

  • quality assurance and control
  • statistical material balancing
  • analytical uncertainties
  • on-stream analysis
  • in-situ ore heterogeneity
  • added value from sampling
  • correspondence between this new approach to particulate heterogeneity and Gy’s work

Geoffrey J Lyman


The author is a chemical and metallurgical engineer with extensive experience in mineral processing, on-line nuclear methods of analysis and applied statistics.  He is the 2019 recipient of the Pierre Gy Gold Medal for excellence in the field of particulate sampling.


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