The accuracy and precision of laboratory assays are critical in the overall quality of any dataset.

Problems with accuracy affect the performance of mineral resource estimates, and monthly reconciliation between mine and the mill. Most international laboratories operate from standard operating procedures, however, with constant pressures on the financial bottom line and on production, quality control often takes a back seat. Communicating the results of QC between the client and the laboratory is often fraught with misconceptions and misunderstandings. The laboratory may use its own quality control techniques, which do not match those of the client. On top of that, both laboratory and mine/explorations staff often lack a complete understanding of the process and this leads to missed opportunities.

RSC carries out full laboratory reviews, focussing on:

  • quality assurance
  • documentation
  • training and culture
  • assay process
  • statistical assessment of data
  • sampling and preparation issues
  • analytical chemistry
  • quality control

When combined with appropriate training, we can leave you with improved communication between client and laboratory, and a new set of guidelines that allow you to monitor progress confidently.