It doesn’t need an industry boom to see the value one of our contract exploration geologists can add to your exploration programme. Our geologists come well-trained, geared up and ready to work.

The benefits of contracting an RSC geologist to fill a gap in your programmes are many:

  • Avoid taking on direct-employment related risks.
  • Save the time it takes on overheads relating to having to interview new staff, or having to go through the motions of trial-and-error and performance reviews with new geologists.
  • By contracting RSC geologists, scale up or down personnel requirements at short notice to meet changing operational demands or short-term programme requirements and can stop an engagement if unplanned events occur, without any hassles.
  • Get rid of overheads related with payroll and administrative paperwork: we send one invoice each month on standard terms. All invoices include comprehensive timesheets detailing time spent and jobs carried out by each of our personnel, providing accountability throughout.
  • Scrap overheads related to safety, equipment, visas, work gear, and medicals: we take care of all of this.
  • RSC understands the contracting market very well. We have access to high-quality and fairly priced geologists, who always go the extra mile. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

We are not into just putting bums on seats. We take great pride adding value to each project we work on, whether it is a core logging job or resource estimation work.