RSC consultants take great pride in providing clients with high-quality resource estimations, which are fit for purpose.

Engage us to provide thorough estimations to use in resource reporting, listings or other important documents. Or, talk to us to get basic first-pass models carried out to aid with exploration targeting and programme optimisation. Our consultants are familiar with a range of linear and non-linear estimations techniques and the latest standards in international best practices. As a point of difference, we prefer to put strong emphasis on the geology as a driver for the estimation process. Too many estimations are based on flawed geological models and at the root of this often lies a sub-optimal data management practice that inhibits the geologists from understanding the controls on mineralisation. Combining RSC’s data optimisation service with resource estimation is a sure way to get highly confident estimations.

Talk to us to use the down-turn in the industry to optimise your models. Re-logging core, re-interpreting the geological model and re-estimating the resources may well lead to reporting of increased resources in higher confidence categories. Download a case-study here.