Wireline data provide unparalleled resolution and vital clues to the understanding of the controls on mineralisation of your deposit, greatly increasing the confidence in mineral resource estimates.

RSC’s experts have a deep understanding of the purpose of wireline data and can help design a tailored programme of wireline data collection to save you time and money.

We provide integrated programme design, data collection, data interpretation and geological modelling solutions, ensuring that the data are fit for the purpose of modelling or integration in other down-stream processes.

Quick turnaround times of interpreted wireline data allow you to improve drill targeting on the next hole, making exploration more efficient.

Data Collection

Data Collection


  • Expert knowledge of the workings and limitations of most wireline survey systems and probes.
  • Obtain physical rock property data that are appropriate to your mineral deposit style.
  • One-stop service. Our partners at Groundsearch Australia collect wireline data using the best tools and operators.
  • Groundsearch Australia operates in Australasia, Europe and Africa and provides services through partners in North and South America.

Data Processing and Interpretation

Data Processing & Interpretation


  • Cost effective, fast and high-quality wireline data processing and interpretation.
  • Cover a broad range of in situ physical properties and characteristics.
  • Understand what features are important and which ones are not.
  • Unravel paragenesis and structural relationships.
  • Create a continuous feedback loop between on-site loggers and modellers to facilitate effective and targeted wireline data logging and smooth data handling.




  • Create high-quality 3D solid-geology models.
  • Honour the controls on mineralisation.
  • Enable the creation of high-quality, sensible estimation domains within the geological framework.

For further information, please get in touch with RSC’s Wireline Data Services Manager, Erik Werner.


Erik Werner

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Office (Perth): +61 8 9467 1444

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