Drone geomagnetic data acquisiton with external long boom probe system

The whole geomagnetic detector is a lightweight system (up to 3 kg), which is compatible with the DJI Matrice 600 pro series. The boom structure under the drone is equipped with a high-integration data acquisition system; consisting of modules for magnetic file data acquisition and processing, magnetic data real-time backhaul and power supply.

Systems for Unmanned Aerial Magnetics (UAMS)

One challenge, in acquiring geomagnetic data by UAV, is the interference of the drone with the receiving equipment. Our solution uses an extended rope technique (long boom). Several research articles have shown that from 3 metres onwards, the maximum amplitude of the magnetic noise is around 0.1 nT (negligible interference). Our equipment includes a receiver which uses a rubidium vapour magnetometer (RVM), and a GNSS receiver with separate mounted antennas, allowing us to fly up to 10 m/s. The system is powered by a lithium battery and data is recorded by the ECU on an SD-card.

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