Geologist Employment Demand – Where to From Here?

September 5, 2014

It’s been a while since we last published the Geology Employment Index update. From one perspective it’s been a good thing that we have missed a few posts … for a while we’ve saved ourselves from inciting despair among the masses as the index dove to its lowest point in nearly three months. On the bright side, we’ve found ourselves so busy that we have had to start an employment campaign of our own.  With the new geologist and admin recruits on board we aim to be better at updating the index weekly again.

Apart from the big splurge of recruitment activity in June the market has been reasonably steady since April, though still at levels below last year when we started recording data for the index. So where to from here?  There are some signs of equity flowing back into the minerals sector but how much of it and how long will it take for that to translate to work on the ground where the minerals are discovered and mined and large numbers of geologists are employed?  Still, even without a significant rebound in the market the industry could find itself short of talent very quickly.  In our recent round of geologist recruitment we have found a lot of geos have been quarantined from the labour market.  Some have returned for a year or two course of study and others have decided to leave the industry all together. Let us know what you think.


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