We monitor public resource development announcements and reports, from drilling assay results through resource estimation and feasibility studies, to environmental approvals for mine development. We display these reports on an interactive global map. You can customise the plotted data by using various filters including; commodity, stock exchange, date, report type, reporting code and resource status. Click on a map marker to see a summary of a project report, from where you are able to access the full original company report.

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Individual deposits, projects and reports mentioned on this website have not been assessed by RSC for specific points of technical compliance. For example, a company listed on the TSX, having made public a report, stated to be compliant with NI 43-101, along with supporting information and with a resource statement that is compiled by a qualified person is presented on this website as “instrument-compliant”. Errors or omissions of specific technical matters discussed in such a report that would jeopardise its compliance are disregarded for the sake of the representation on this website. Regulation of specific points of technical compliance is a highly debated and complicated matter and outside the scope of this website. It is the responsibility of the relevant security exchanges and member organisations to govern such detailed technical compliance.

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RSC advises to exercise caution when carrying out reviews. Reviewers are to make sure they do not have a conflict of interest, whether perceived or real and RSC notes that providing anonymous reviews should under no circumstance be misused as a mechanism to bring into disrepute people, groups or companies. RSC advises each reviewer to obtain legal advice, particularly in regard to any personal or professional liability that may arise from using this site and the need for indemnity insurance.

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Unfortunately the review function is no longer available. As ineffective as we feel the existing systems to lodge complaints against bad practice are, there are still enough rules in place to prevent these from being addressed through a high-integrity, peer review-based, highly transparent, legal, and technically competent system as the one we believe we had implemented.

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Environmental- (Social) Impact Assessment. NB these are not technical reports.

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Project Status
RSC unchanged resource icon Exploration Stage
RSC updated resource icon Resource Development
RSC upgraded resource icon Mining
Report Code
N NI 43-101
E (Environmental report)
O (Other code)
E Exploration
R Resource Development
M Mining
C Care And Maintenance
T Others (not specified))


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