Newsletter: 2014, April

April 1, 2014

Welcome to RSC’s April Newsletter!

It’s been quiet for a while on the RSC newsletter front. This time not just because we’ve been too busy (or lazy); month after month we’ve been watching the geology job front get worse and rather than contributing to the downwards mentality, I’d rather talk about positive stuff.

So here it is: we’re going back up! Last year we started to monitor a great bunch of day-to-day geology employment data from around the world and hashed it into a weekly published “index” that we at least hope will show us whether miners and explorers are hiring again. Regardless of what other commentators talk about, this is the figure it’s all about isn’t it?



We value your input so if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave them at this site. We’re aiming to add some different types of data to this graph soon so that we can compare it against other industry barometers. It’s really about basics and there’s nothing fancy about the way the graph works.

What have we been up to in the last few months?

Besides celebrating our 5th anniversary (we’ve got the 6th coming up just now!), we’ve been kicking around with a team in Mozambique where we completed 6 months of exploration work for one of our clients and carried out another study on a tantalite deposit. We’ve been doing a lot more work in New Zealand and have recently completed a resource estimation study for the Chatham Rock Phosphate project (read about the results here). We’ve been working steady with A-class teams on great resource projects in Ghana, South Korea, Mali and Turkey. We’ve also had exploration boots on the ground on various programmes in Australia and Kazakhstan and have been working on a prospectivity study in Nigeria.

We’ve had a lot of resource evaluation jobs come through this last year and our focus has adapted to accommodate the market’s changed focus and requirements. We’ve been working with some great new people who add significant weight and value to the resource work that we are now concentrating on.

Exploration is still down, with our guess being that the industry in Australia will probably will take quite some time to be restored (government initiative anyone?). We’re not expecting anything spectacular to happen in Australia this year but that’s about as negative as we want to get.

Money seems to be flowing again, albeit slowly and from different sources than usual. Lots of noise coming out of the Middle East, Asia and from private money-backed groups. Even though you could regard the dip as ‘just another one’ in the predictable boom-bust cycle, perhaps the landscape with regards to fund raising is changing and will be changed forever?

We’re currently working to get a few big projects started up and hope that the lift we’re seeing continues.

Onwards and upwards!

So what does RSC do?

RSC provides geological consulting and contracting services with a difference. One of our main aims is to add technical value to our clients’ programmes and act with the same amount of ownership and passion as employees.

We have access to specialists all around the world, with experience in all commodities and all stages from exploration to production. We make sure our professionals have excellent support and come with all the tools, hardware and software necessary to efficiently hit the ground running. We invest in training our geologists to make sure they add value from day one whether they are conducting a resource evaluation, logging core on an underground rig or looking after an exploration programme from A to Z.

We understand of course that we are not the only ones offering these kind of services. RSC feels strongly that its clients shouldn’t have to pay higher than normal rates for a contractor and at the same time have to educate and kit them up as well, something that we hear only too often!

Our rates are very reasonable. We have never positioned ourselves to “milk” the market as much as possible by charging excessive rates, but we grow on sustainable relationships built on quality and trust.

RSC operates worldwide and provides consulting, exploration and geological services for junior explorers as well as for bigger companies such as Barrick. For more information see or just give us a call. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We would value the opportunity to discuss in how we could be of benefit to your team and project goals.

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