RSC Mining and Mineral Exploration (RSC) specialises in assisting clients with exploration programmes, mine geology and project and resource evaluations. RSC’s Agent Referral Programme (ARP) aims to reward independent agents for connecting the company to potential clients. This document provides a general understanding of the programme. At its simplest, the programme engages agents to introduce prospective contacts from their personal or extended network, meaning the only qualifications required to become an agent are to have an email address and basic English communication skills. However, in practice, the most successful agents will have strong networking skills and an extensive network within the mining and exploration industry.


The ARP is a Priority of Claim based referral programme which offers rewards on a tiered commission basis for introducing RSC to new clients. The workload involved is fully flexible; every agent can invest as much or as little of their time as desired. The actual work can vary between forwarding just a single e-mail address occasionally as the opportunity presents, to actively searching for business opportunities and facilitating the acceptance of work proposals. The rewards are commission based and are paid whenever a client who was introduced by an agent is successfully contracted. The value of the commission depends on both the size of the contract and the ARP tier in which the agent operates, as is discussed further below.



The following overview-communicates the basic understanding that agents need to have before they get started:

the programme is non-exclusive, meaning RSC may appoint multiple agents within a single region;

each agent must comply with RSC’s rules of conduct and corruption and bribery policies;

commissions are paid where an agent holds Priority of Claim, can demonstrate contact with the client within the 90-day period before the sale and only when RSC has been paid the contract fees by the client;

the rate of commission paid relates to the ARP tier in which the agent operates; and

agents cover their own marketing expenses, unless agreed otherwise.

The subjects of Priority of Claim, tiers and commission are elaborated on their pages.