Priority of Claim

The Priority of Claim rules are established to protect the interests of both the agents and the company as it ensures that only the right person receives the commission. Priority of Claim is defined by the following rules:


  • prospects should be nominated or introduced by the agent via an email addressed to at least one RSC representative and at least one prospect representative. The date and time this e-mail is received defines the priority date;
  • if more than one agent establishes contact with a prospect then Priority of Claim will be awarded to the one who has established the earliest priority date; and
  • where an agent does not demonstrate repeat contact with a prospect in any 90- day period then Priority of Claim is deemed abandoned. In order to re-establish Priority of Claim, a new priority date needs to be defined by either the agent, a competing agent or RSC, by providing email evidence that the prospect has been re-contacted.